Noheso Sushi plan

Fresh sushi made by sushi chefs, selected ingredients, just for you

The sushi chef is make sushi right in front of your eyes.
A sushi chef from “Noheso”, which operates popular restaurants in Shizuoka, went on a business trip,
You can enjoy a special moment in an extraordinary space.
Including Shizuoka, take this opportunity to take pride in the seafood procured from all over the country.

About ”Noheso”
A popular restaurant located around Shizuoka Station. In addition to procuring fresh fish from the market every morning, we also offer delicious seafood collected from all over the country through our own route.
■Plan fee
1 group +116,600 yen (tax included) ~
■Reservation 【Reservation available from call only】
・The plan will be implemented on the check-in date.
・The starting time can be adjusted, but as a general rule, delivery is at 17:00 and the start is at 18:00 (meal time is 2-3 hours).
・We will send you a drink list of ”Noheso” in advance, and if there is a product you want, we will prepare it on the day. You can bring your own drinks.
・Reservations may not be accepted due to the circumstances of the sushi chef.


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