• We offer a free transport service by tuk-tuk. We will guide you from the JR Shizuoka Station north exit rotary to the reception and guest rooms. If you would like us to pick you up, please call us for confirmation in advance.
    *In case of rain, the service will be canceled.
    *For details, please contact us in advance.

    It takes about 5 minutes by walking from the north exit of JR Shizuoka Station to the reception. If you are walking around town, please see the PDF or video below.
    PDF for print is here
    Click here for video
  • There is no dedicated parking lot. Please use nearby coin parking or affiliated parking (with extra fee).
    [ACCESS] - [Information about affiliated parking lots]
  • The reception is located on the basement floor of Kyoyu Building, 1-5 Konyamachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka city, Shizuoka Prefecture. (Post code 420-0852)
    Please note that from 11:00 to 18:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, the road in front of the building is for pedestrians only, and cars cannot enter.
  • They are located between 1-10 minutes' walk from reception.
    After completing check-in formalities, staff will escort you to your room.

Staying with children

  • There are microwaves and electric kettles in each room, so please use them.
  • For children, we provide bath towels, face towels, body towels, and toothbrushes. Only bath towels and face towels are provided for children under 2 years old (bed-sharing) who can stay free of charge.
  • Children's rates vary depending on their age.
     Junior high school students and older: adult price
     Elementary school students: 60% of the adult rate
     Infants (3 years old and over) 50% of adult price
     Co-sleeping (under 2 years old) Free
  • Sorry, but we do not rent strollers.

About luggage

  • It is possible. However, it is possible only by cash on delivery. Please ask the staff for details.
  • It is possible. However, please note that we cannot accept cash-on-delivery or cash-on-delivery packages.
    Please write the full name of the guest on the shipping slip.
  • It is possible. Please tell the staff in advance if it is before check-in, and when you check out if it is after check-out.


  • From the viewpoint of crime prevention, public morals, and firefighting, in principle, non-guests are not allowed to enter the room. In addition, in accordance with the Inns and Hotels Act, surveillance cameras are installed at the entrance of each room.
  • Yes,it is possible. We support multiple languages.
    For further details,please call 054-292-6800
    Or you can contact us using inquiry form.
  • You don't need to. Please return the card key to the reception when you check out.

Check-in and check-out

  • Accompanying guests can check in first. We ask that you pay at the time of check-in, so please be prepared to pay.
  • All guests are asked to fill in a registration card.
    Customers living overseas are requested to present their passports.
  • From 15:00 please. The final check-in time is 21:00.
  • Check-out time is 11:00a.m. If you are going to check-out before 9:00 a.m. please let the staff know when you check-out.

Various services

  • We do not have a landline phone. We will give you a mobile phone at check-in.
  • In accordance with the provisions of related laws and regulations, we do not have medicines
  • Yes we do. Lightning cable for iPhone and microUSB cable for Android are available
    However, type-C is not available.


  • There are several convenience stores within walking distance from each room.
    As for supermarkets, nearby commercial facilities and food districts of department stores are within walking distance.
  • There are many restaurants and souvenir shops.
    If you ask our staff, we will introduce several restaurants where you can eat Shizuoka's specialties.


  • There are glasses, wine glasses, mugs, ice buckets, and small spoons.
    Simple cooking utensils (kitchen knives, cutting boards, frying pans, etc.) and Tableware such as cooking plates, chopsticks, forks and spoons are available in room name "Garden square 601".
  • It is not a hot spring. Each room has a spacious bath with a bathtub.
    Also, at check-in, we will give you a bathing ticket (with a face towel and bath towel) for "Mochimune Minato Onsen".
    It takes about 20 minutes by car or 2 stations by train (about 15 minutes on foot from JR Mochimune Station).
    Please use the hot spring there.

About payment

  • Various credit cards and electronic money are available.
  • Currently only PayPay is available.

About new coronavirus measures

  • Some rooms have common areas (elevators), Most of the rooms have direct access to the outside without going through the common areas.
  • Each room is individually air-conditioned, so there is no shared air-conditioning.


  • Delivery from "BLUE BOOKS cafe" in the center of Shizuoka City.
    The menu, which uses plenty of ingredients from Shizuoka Prefecture, is only available here.
    *Breakfast for children is not available. It is possible to order an adult portion as a child portion.
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