We offer various plans depending on the type of accommodation.

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【Qu’il fait bon tart included plan】Enjoyment plan

It is a plan where you can enjoy a heart-shaped tart only for Birupaku guests, from the shop ""Qu'il Fait Bon"". Have a tea time unique to Shizuoka with coffee and tea made by famous local shops such as hugcoffee and Wada Choji Shoten.

Have fun in the city and be kind to the city! Consecutive stay plan

For customers who stay for consecutive nights, we do not clean guest rooms, make beds, and change linens and amenities such as sheets. We offer reasonable plans. Please support our efforts to reduce environmental impact.

Enjoy fresh sushi in your room! “Noheso” sushi plan

"How about having a sushi party in a private space? Ingredients are carefully selected from all over Japan, including Shizuoka. A sushi chef from the popular restaurant ""Noheso"", where you can taste fresh seafood, will come to your room, where you can enjoy freshly made sushi."

A professional magician in your room! Magic Private Show Plan

This is a plan where you can enjoy the table magic of the professional magician ""KISSER"" in your room. The content will please a wide range of generations, from children to the elderly, and is ideal for surprise events such as anniversaries.

Enjoy with your family or group!Room only paln

Impressive and comfortable stay in a private space created in the building of the shopping district. We have prepared a great plan that allows you to spend time with your family and friends without hesitation and enjoy the city of Shizuoka more deeply.

Experience the hospitality of Shimizu geisha! Enjoy kaiseki meal plan at Japanese restaurant Fugetsuro

Enjoy the hospitality of shimizu geisha and kaiseki cuisine at Fugetsuro, which is famous as the former residence of Yoshinobu Tokugawa. Experience the traditions and culture that have been passed down in the castle town of Sunpu and experience the beauty of the seasonal gardens.

Standard breakfast plan,delivered to your room 【BLUE BOOKS cafe】

【BLUE BOOKS Cafe】which is specially produce by Blue note Japan. You can enjoy a colorful breakfast using the delicious ingredients of Shizuoka.

【Standard plan for students】Enjoy with group of 4 friends or more

For students who wants to stay at Birupaku for special price! A popular plan that received a lot of feedback is back.This plan will be available on February and March only. We offer a special price for groups of 4 or more.

【BLUE BOOKS cafe】 Standard Dinner plan

Enjoy your dinner exclusively for guests staying in the Birupaku at the BLUE BOOKS café, Please enjoy our course meals where you can enjoy the taste of shizuoka.