A kitchen and a rooftop terrace have been added to the Masatoyo Building!

Masatoyo Building 301 which is located in the middle of Gofukumachi Street is perfect for walking and shopping.
It has been renewed with a new kitchen and a rooftop terrace with a roof!
Masatoyo Building 301 is a room that can accommodate groups of up to 7 people.


The kitchen attached in this renewal is an independent type.

It supports a wider range of usage than ever before.

The roof of the rooftop loop top terrace can be opened and closed. It also has a water hole, so it's very convenient
Enjoy a comfortable BBQ while avoiding the sun during the day time.
In the evening, you can spend coffee time while watching the city dyed in the color of the setting sun.
At night, look down on the glittering city and enjoy.

It can also be used in a wide range of ways.

For more details of Masatoyo 301 click here 

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