[Notice] The number of rooms where you can stay with your dog will increase!

Thank you for staying at Birupaku.

Notice for everyone. 
"Can't go on a trip because can't find a hotel where I can stay with my pet."
"My dog ​​is part of the family, so I want to stay with him.”
Since there were many such voices,
This time, the number of rooms where you can stay with pets will increase by 2!
*Pets: Only small dogs weighing less than 10 kg are allowed.
Acceptable dates are as follows.
*Please note that the start date of accommodation depending on the room.

〇Cosmos 401 Maximum capacity 6 people

※October 15~ Pets allowed

〇Cosmos 402  Maximum capacity 4 people

※September 24~ Pets allowed

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The Ezaki Shimbun Takajo Building will continue to allow pets (including large dogs).

We hope that you will be able to make wonderful memories with your dog.
All our staff will look forward to welcoming you.
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